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The New Generation – 2017

  ♫         Burn Calories, Have Fun       ♫  

  • Singles welcome
  • Casual clothing
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy steps
  • Modern music
  • Lively instructor
  • LGBTQ-friendly
Dancing Couple

Come and experience it for yourself at TWO FREE, fun open-house evenings, at Brunton Hall, Blacks Corners.
No dancing experience necessary.

Tuesday Evening, September 12, 2017    7:30 – 10:00

Tuesday Evening, September 19, 2017    7:30 – 10:00

Perhaps you think you know square dancing from your school days. Well, think again, because this is not your grandparents' dance routine. They would hardly recognize Square Dancing. There is new music, from Golden Oldies to Elvis to current hits. There are new dance steps, exciting new patterns and unique calls to learn. Square Dancing happens in school halls, resorts and cruise ships. You can travel to dances all over the world. You will find square dance clubs within most countries of the world including Japan, China, Sweden and Germany — the calls are in English all over the world. Learn to dance and a whole new world of fun and fellowship will open up for you. You never lose your ability to dance "traditional", but with Modern Western Square Dancing you are able to progress to more challenging levels of dance that incorporate fitness and friendship in a fun family atmosphere.

Who will I meet?

You will meet people who love action, who are doers, and who like to make friends. Some like to dress up; some like to dress casual. Some are working; some retired. Technicians, nurses, police, teachers, mechanics, clerks, salesmen, artists, homemakers, doctors, scientists, investors and contractors are all members of Mississippi Squares.  They like to dance and travel, and their interests range far and wide.  They love people and parties. Square dancers are friendly people!  It's inexpensive, and a great way to meet active, friendly people.  We have even been know to dance in a swimming pool!

Will dancing help you stay healthy?

Walking is one of the safest exercises available. Combining mental stimulation with the joy of rhythm, square dancing challenges many aspects of conditioning. Dancers walk two – three miles per evening and can burn 280 calories every hour.  Using the large muscle of legs and arms strengthens bones and improves general health.  It is a safe and social workout for any age or fitness level.  There is even good evidence that dancing makes you smarter!

"I was dragged in kicking and screaming"

Unbelievable as it may be, there are times when only one partner wants to take up square dancing. The unwilling partner signs up for many reasons and soon discovers the joys of mental and physical participation. This is not a spectator sport. It is action and reaction; it keeps you mentally on your toes. A few have previous experience at a dance school, but most learn square dancing by joining one of our beginner classes.  With practice, the moves become as natural as walking. Learning is fun and easy. The caller teaches new steps during the "tip" and then has everybody practice during the "singing" calls.  Yes, mistakes are made — a little smile / join back in. Angels (experienced dancers) are there to help the new dancers; they have great smiles.

It evolved from tradition

It is great fun to get together with friends and swing to the music of a well-known band. Toe tapping rhythm and sing-along's are the themes expressed in the "singing call" where new and favorite calls can be practiced in an upbeat tempo. It is a confidence builder and it is fun!

We would love to dance with you.

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For more information, call George Newton at 613-595-1322.

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