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* * * * *   February 27 – Line Dance BeginnerTeach and Dancing.
 – Special Event, with David Western                            Flyer >>

  Dancing Couple                                                                                              Winter 2019

    Waltz – Rumba – Two Step – Foxtrot   
This is the main "GO TO" fun evening for dancing in the Carleton Place –
Almonte – Kanata – Stittsville – Smiths Falls – Perth area.
It's by far the best way to learn social dance steps.
Be confident and proficient on the dance floor!

Dance at your Skill Level
We dance at two levels of dancing skill, which typically corresponds to Phase II beginner in the first hour and Phase II – III intermediate level in the second hour.  An evening of practice dancing and socializing is planned once per month to add to the enjoyment and satisfaction of the dancing experience.

Our 2018-19 new-dancer group enjoys the learning experience in the dance lessons during the dedicated one-hour class starting at 7:30.  The teaching program progresses at a comfortable rate through new steps and new dances to build skills and confidence.
The group is learning two dance rhythms — the romantic, graceful waltz, and the rumba, the “dance of love.”









Let's Dance for the fun of it!







 Wednesday Evenings
 January 9 through April 17

 Number of
 7:30 – 8:30 Second semester
 8:30 – 9:30 Experienced dancers
 Jean and Don Clingin
 Notre Dame Catholic High School,
 157 McKenzie Street,
 Carleton Place
 $60 per dancer.
 Please register as a couple.

Enjoy Dancing with your Partner
This method, called round dance or choreographed-ballroom style, appeals to both couples and singles, but dancers should register as a dance couple.
Waltz, Rumba, Two Step and Foxtrot are popular dance rhythms.  There is some overlap into ballroom dancing, so participants will find most of their newly learned steps and sequences to be enjoyable in social dancing with popular music.

All dances are cued.  As Jean teaches you the various steps within a waltz or rumba, she puts them together with music and leads you through each step as the music plays.
Use what you learn at social dances.  Whenever you go to a dance and hear one of the dance rhythms, you’ll be able to get right up on the dance floor with your newly learned steps.

Experienced dancers will enjoy a fun evening of round dancing at the Phase II – III level, starting at 8:30.  You will enjoy the first hour to practice your timing and help the beginners, and the second hour to learn new dances in Waltz, Two Step and Foxtrot.  There is no extra fee for dancing both hours. If you have dancing experience and would like to join us, we would love to hear from you.  Come out to practice your skills and learn new steps.

Pay-by-night dancers are welcome. $7 per dancer.

March Program
First Hour:  Learning basic steps in Waltz and Rumba.
Second Hour:  Dancing the spin turn, diamond turns, wisk, wing, chasse and impetus in Waltz and Foxtrot. Dancing the strolling vine and fishtail in Two Step.  Learning aide and serpiente in Rumba.

The teaching approach combines new positions and steps in a way that you can progress through new dance skills with your partner in a natural progression – learning new dance steps and mastering full dances more quickly.

Dances include the Golden Classics and other choreographed dances. Dance steps follow the standardized definitions as defined by Roundalab.  These are popular worldwide.


For more information, and to inquire about joining our round-dance program, call
Helgi and Sharen Goodman   613-253-2960
Dave and Muriel Hanneson   613-256-6345

Click here for a map and directions.

Click here for the full-page flyer.  Adobe PDF

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