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We are fired up to fire out a pile of thank yous to all you wood chuckers who fired up and piled into your cars and rushed over to our place to chuck wood for hours.

How much wood did you wood chuckers chuck? We are not sure, but it was a pig pile of chucking and piling.

You were as busy as bees, as you would be at a wood bee. We would not fire a single one of the pile of wood chuckers that came to chuck and pile wood.

Again, we would thank you for the piles in the basement.


Right at it!

More wood chucking

Now, who brought their magic wand?
How can we get all this wood into this little wheel barrow?

Mississippi Square dance members do a LOT of planning...

I thought this was the Tim Hortons drive-through!

We don't want this big tree to fall on the would chuckers!

Show me that mouse and I'll whack him!

Final destination!

It must be time for coffee!